Monday, October 27, 2008

The Official Time

Gun time - 2:34:24.0

Gun pace - 11:47 min/mile

Chip time - 2:32:07.4

Chip pace - 11:36 min/mile

For me - this is absolutely fantastic!!

Split times:

First half = 1:18:38.6 (gun) / 1:16:22.1 (chip)

Second half = 1:15:45.3

Negative split!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooooo!!!!!!


Jen's Journey said...

Great job on your recent half! I can across your blog and i have to say that i am SO happy to see your blog! I am hoping to start racing after recently loosing 69 pounds and seeing your success is very motivating for me.

I will have to save your blog so that I can check back often, thanks for inspiring me today!

Keep reaching! Jen

Viv said...

WOOHOOO, awesome job Jill! FANTASTIC PACE!!