Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Getting Excited

I am just getting so excited for all you half and full marathoners out there. I am nervous, have butterflies in my stomach, etc. It is crazy!! I can't wait until Sunday!! I am so looking forward to being out there cheering all my friends on to victory. I can't decide if I want to ride the bike or drive the car over to my planned veiwing spots (miles 8 and 23). I guess it depends on how much junk I decide to bring with me. The majority of the people I know are doing the half, but there are a couple going the full distance. I know how great it feels to see people you know cheering for you, so I am determined to pass that feeling along.

You all are going to do AWESOME!! Have a wonderful experience!!

Coach Anne (TNT), Jill (me), Adrienne (ran the half, but came back out to cheer me on!) and Coach Ginny (TNT) running for the finish line at the 2005 Houston Marthon.

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MOM said...

While attending school in Maadi, Egypt, and running cross country, I told you that you have beautiful style.