Thursday, April 20, 2006


Sunday was a pretty boring day. Watched a movie - History of Violence. I thought it was pretty good, but I could have done without the gratuitous sex scenes. I fell asleep after the movie, so I was late leaving for the b-day party at a friends house. Not good, because no one was there when I arrived. They had all taken off for the pool. Oh well, I wasn't really that enthused about going.

Monday was tax day. I do not know why I left it to the last minute, but I did. I am getting some money back, though!!

Tuesday I went for a run after work. 4 miles in this wonderful heat! But you know what? All was good. Actually, it was pretty darn great! I took my fuel belt with me so I wasn't dying of thirst. I had no pains during or after. I didn't get sore or stiff. The only thing was when I got back home - my toe was in need of a good crack. I am finally getting my running groove back. Maybe I can tackle the Tejas Tri!!

Today I went out with some of my MS150 team members for a 20 mile bike ride along the bayou. Then it was home for a quick shower before I headed out to the sports shop to spend some of my tax return! I bought a new pair of bike shorts and a new jersey - gotta look pretty for the MS150!! Then it was off to Target for some other little things for my trip (like ear plugs). Once I was home I had some dinner and watched "Crash." Great movie. But then I do have a thing for Terrence Howard. Love his eyes!

Tomorrow I will pack everything up and drop it off with the team leader so it can get bussed to La Grange. Then I will take Beazer to the ferret sitter.

Friday I will make sure the bike is lubed and prepare everything for Saturday morning - which is going to start around 4:30 am.

Time is getting short, and I am getting nervous!! Why, oh why did I sign up for this? I know, because I wanted to prove to myself that I could!! Whatever!

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Mojo said...

Have fun this weekend! I know you will do great at the ms150. You will feel so proud of yourself when it's over. That's a long ass ride!!

I'll be thinking of you and sending good Mojo your way on Saturday.