Sunday, May 28, 2006

Great day

I did better on the nutrition yesterday, but not so good today! I will get better!

So far this weekend has been great. It has been a long time since my Saturday was not dedicated to biking and I was able to do fun stuff.

I made my way to the park by 6:30 for a 4 mile run with the TNT group. We started off with a short warm up run in the parking lot then we did some stretching then it was around the loop with a little extra to make the 4 miles. I took it easy. I had planned on doing 5/1’s but then I ran with someone for a bit so I just ignored my watch.

About 1.5 miles into it I met up with Jonathan, a TNT Honored Teammate, and we chatted for a mile or so. What a great kid! He is 17 years old and was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma 2 and a half years ago and just completed his chemotherapy 3 weeks ago. He is so happy to be finished with his treatment and is just loving life right now. You get excited just being around him! He is not taking his life for granted – like many people are (me included), and is so thankful for what he has been given. Some of the treatments he was on made him rather sick and weak (he even went into kidney failure on one chemo and almost died) so he wasn’t able to do a lot. He is making up for it now! By the time we started running he had already completed one loop (2.9 miles). He didn’t plan on doing another one, but he just couldn’t control himself, and ran/walked with various TNT participants. He plans on training for a marathon with TNT in the future, and is just waiting for his mom to decide on which one (she plans of training with him)!! He is such an inspiration and I feel honored to have met him.

After finishing up the run I went home for a quick shower so I wouldn't smell when I went to the salon for a trim.

Then it was home again for a quick nap before heading off to the theater to see X-Men III. I was meeting up with friends and they left me a ticket at the entrance with a guy named Raul. I made it to Edward’s theater, parked, went up stairs to theater 12 and asked the person if Raul was around. She didn’t know who that was, so, as I was going back down to the other level, I called my friend and asked her where she had left the ticket. She said the front entrance, I said up or down, she said there was only one level, I told her that theater 12 was on level two, she then told me I was at the wrong Edward’s theater. I was supposed to be at the one off I-10. *%&$%!!!! Make my way to the parking garage, to my car, to 59, then 610, then I-10 and eventually the correct Edward’s cinema. And when I finally make it to the entrance, Raul doesn’t know what I am talking about! Steam starts to come out of the ears!! Then Raul remembers and lets me in. MORON! Make it to theater 12 just as the last preview is ending and am able to watch the entire movie!! I enjoyed it. Wonder when installment IV will be coming out?!

After the movie I called up some other friends participating in a softball tournament and met up with them so I could do some cheering. Then it was home for bed.

Today I went out to the ball fields again and cheered some more then came home and napped! Exhausting day! Tomorrow the apartment will be cleaned. What joy!

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Mojo said...

Sounds like the 17 yro in remission is a great spirit to be around. Very cool he's training and his Mom will be too.

I guess I'm lucky we live in a small town. We only have one theater, no confusion. I would have been really frustrated having to go to another place and find Raul.

When I have to clean house, I'll decide it's a good day for a long bike ride! Glad you had a fun weekend!