Thursday, July 06, 2006

No pain

Last night I did squats and lunges again, but this time I didn't use weights. HUGE difference!! I can feel them a little in my butt and quads, but nothing like last week when I used 10 lb dumbbells. I should know by now - baby steps. I will do them again without weights and then start using 5 lb dumbbells in each hand. Should make a world of difference!!

I also did my 40 minutes of running. I went around the bayou instead of the golf course for a change of scenery. But it is not that big of a deal, because I ride it everyday to work. I will have to start heading the other way. That will be different.

The benefit of going along the bayou is that there are a couple places for a little hill training. Usually a good thing except for one small problem - when I went up the first hill I immediately felt it in my shins. I am thinking I need new shoes. Even though my current shoes (Gel Kayanos) are the same as my previous ones, they have not been nearly as good. Asics made some modifications to it that are not agreeing with my feet and legs. Maybe this weekend I will go to RunSport and see what they have to say.

I am also needing some new running attire - support in particular. But that is a whole other post!


Vic said...

Asics is constantly changing their shoes from one model to the next. Not just cosmetic changes. I mean major changes. That kind of bugs me.

Mojo said...

Squats and lunges always fry my legs too. Sometimes, I feel like I need help getting off the toliet!

You for you for going to the gym. Running on hills already! You must be feeling great!