Friday, November 10, 2006


I said I would go to the park for some speed work with the group Wednesday – but it didn't happen. On the way there I stopped off at a local gas station to change my air filter. I had tried to change it the night before but I could not undo the screws. The dang mechanics at the last oil change place had used power tools on the things and tightened them so tight I could not get them to budge. Ticked me off, to say the least.

Well, two broken screw drivers later at the gas station and they finally were loosened – they had to get the power socket wrench out. See, I told you they were tight – it wasn't me being a weakling! After that I told the guy about driving down the highway Monday morning and my TCS (traction control system) and check engine light coming on and my car shifting down to third gear and the D4 light blinking. He ran a diagnostic for me and told me I was having problems with my transmission. What JOY!

So, he resets the computer and I go home to dig through all my papers on my car. And what do I find – an extended warranty for my automatic transmission!! Thank goodness!!

The next morning I drop off the car at the dealership so they can check it out. This is when I was told they might not be able to do anything since the codes were cleared from the computer because what I had written down on a slip of paper was not good enough. Not too happy, to say the least. But he said they would check it out anyway to see if there was still something in the computer or to see if they could make the light go back on. Well, no to both of those but they were still able to come up with something so I have a new transmission on order. Back to happy.

And to celebrate I went to an Indian restaurant for lunch with people from work. And after work I went for a four mile run around the golf course to burn it all off. The first loop (2 miles) I did in 22:45. The second loop was completed in 21:45. Nice negative split! Made me happy! What a nice way to end the evening!

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bunnygirl said...

Congrats on the new transmission!

How do you do that with the Indian food? I always eat so much I pretty much can't move until the next day. I'm kind of like one of those big snakes that eats something bigger than he is and then has to lay around for a long time, waiting for it to digest.

You must have amazing will power!