Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What have I been up to?

Well, that cold I came down with after the marathon put me out of commission for close to 2 weeks. Biking to work was difficult enough, if I had added running to the mix I would have probably coughed up a lung!

So instead of running I drove SAG for the TNT cyclists’ 100 mile ride on Oct 28. What a beautiful day for a ride. I met up with the group at 7:15 out at Katy Mills Mall and set off around 7:30. The coaches had scheduled breaks every 20 to 30 miles, but I made sure I was available every 10 to 15 just in case something came up. And while I waited, I sat in the van and read my book. It was GREAT!! One of the highlights of the day was the wagon train we came across – they were practicing for the Rodeo.

I had planned on going to look at the stars with some friends after that, but figured it would be better if I stayed home and rested up for the next day.

On Oct 29 I volunteered at the Iron Star half iron triathlon. I told the guy in charge I didn't want to be there too early so he put me at the finish line. I arrived around 11 and was given the back-up to the back-up timing device. What I did was punch in the number of the triathlete when they crossed the finish line so just in case the first and then the second timing mat failed there would be a record when the participant finished. Yeah – loads of fun!! But it was interesting. I saw the first guy to cross the line just under 4.5 hours and the last two participants to cross around 9 hours before the mats were picked up. There were still a couple participants on the course (I saw them when I was driving home), but the time was past. I felt so bad for them. They had come this far, but still had a mile, or 4, to go.

I saw a couple people I knew cross the finish line. Dr. Jordan – my vet, Nathalie – fellow TNT mentor, and the most inspirational was Bill and Dana Sue – TNT Honored Teammate and TNT mentor/coach and husband and wife. Bill participated with me and my fellow teammates in the CapTexTri in 2005 and has gone on to participate in numerous other endurance events. Dana Sue has raised thousands of dollars in honor of her husband and other cancer survivors and victims and qualified for Boston in her first marathon. They crossed the finish line together at Iron Star holding hands. It was an awesome sight!

After that is was back home for some more resting. But it was to no avail. I called in sick Tuesday and Wednesday because I had to get better by Thursday – Michele (my bonus mom) was coming into town for the International Quilt Show.

It worked a little. My coughing fits were not as severe or as often.

I picked up Michele at the airport on Thursday night and we came back to my apartment where we had dinner and prepared for the next day of wandering the GRB looking at all the goodies they had to sell (fabric, sewing and quilting machines, patterns, crafts, beads, etc) and the quilts on display. My feet sure were hurting by the time the doors were shut that night!! We came home with a few items, but Michele was a little disappointed she hadn't bought more!

Saturday morning I decided to attempt to run again and made it over to the park by 6:15. A little late, but it turned out to be a good thing because someone needed some assistance. Anyway – I ended up doing 11 miles and had a great run.

After that it was back home. After getting ready we headed over to Glenwood Cemetery to check out the trees and grave stones. I got sucked on by tons of mosquitoes and bit by fire ants. What joy!! We then took a drive through The Heights, River Oaks and Memorial Park, had fish tacos at Los Cucos, did some shopping in Highland Village and then went home for movies and a light dinner.

Sunday we did some more looking around and shopping. We then headed back to the quilt show for the final hours and to check out some of what we had missed the first time around. After that is was back home for a nice relaxing dinner.

The next morning we were off to the airport and said our goodbyes. I really enjoyed having Michele visit.

Since I wasn't feeling horrible anymore I went to ball class that night and yesterday, during lunch, I went for a 3 mile run around Rice. Finished in just under 33 minutes, which is pretty good for me! And, of course, I went and did my civic duty and voted last night. Tonight I am off to Memorial Park for some speed work with the group. Maybe I won't do too horribly in Tulsa.

I will post some of the interesting pics from my outings tomorrow.


bunnygirl said...

Dr. Jordan? Dr. Dan Jordan in the Village? Do we have the same vet?

I need to do IronStar again. That was so much fun!

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Jill said...

Yep we have the same vet!! He finished in 6:08 and some seconds. Don't you just love Dr. Jordan?! And he is cute to boot!

bunnygirl said...

I had no idea Dr. Jordan did triathlon. That is so cool! I gave him one of the "Tid Bits" books last Christmas when I took Tidbit in for a checkup. He's always so nice, and you can really tell he loves animals. I've sent some business his way over the years, and everyone I send comes back and thanks me for recommending him.

And yeah, it's icing on the cake that he's cute! I would've liked to have seen him kitted out in tri gear. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

You referred to Michele as your BONUS MOM. I like that! Way cool!

Love, M:O)M

TX Runner Girl said...

Great update...I was wondering where you had been! ;0)