Monday, August 27, 2007

The Power of the Internet

Last week Christine sent me a link to this e-bay auction saying it was a good read. So I went, I laughed, and then I clicked on the link to her blog. More funny stuff.

Well, thousands of other people all over the world also got a link to this woman's auction and then her blog. She is now inundated with people checking out her writings and asking when she is going to write a book. It is just amazing how one little story on e-bay can change your life.

Her blog has nothing to do with training for a marathon, triathlon or any other type of known endurance event. It just has to deal with this woman's life as a mother taking care of her six children. I guess that could be a whole new type of endurance event.

1 comment:

txrunnergirl said...

Love it! I cannot imagine having 6 kids, much less taking them all to the grocery store!