Sunday, September 02, 2007

Three miles

Yesterday morning started well. I got up, dressed, filled the cooler with water for the TNT peeps, then it was out the door. Quick stop at the store for some ice then I was at the park.

The temperature outside was a nice 75 degrees. Pretty good for the first of September, wouldn't you say?

The participants started showing up and after our morning greetings we took off around the parking lot for a quick warm-up.

The first rain drop was felt.

We then gathered in a big circle for some stretches.

Rain drops two, hundred thiry-seven...

A drizzle had begun.

A rumble was heard.

Uh, oh!

The down pour started...and it didn't let up for a good 40 minutes. I know this because I took my sweet time in following the participants on their loop around the park and it took me 34 minutes to make it around.

It was a good time, though. I had my hat on to help keep the water out of my eyes and the rain kept me cool.

The only thing I do not enjoy about running in the rain is squishy shoes. And avoiding puddles. Sometimes you have to just splash through, but then you get even squishier shoes. It is a no win situation.

But all is well. I had a good run, my shoes will dry and that pesky blister from the wet socks has disappeared.


Courtney said...

Good for you for going out in the rain! I would have traded the sneakers in for a couch... a good movie... and a cup of cocoa.

Tiggs said...

which group are you training with and when is their 20 miler? I'm training alone for NYC and might like to tag along depending on when it is....

txrunnergirl said...

I love running in the rain...unless my shoes are squishy or it interferes with my contacts!

Anonymous said...

I love running in the rain! It is so refreshing, its like being a kid again.

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