Sunday, July 20, 2008

1 Goal Met

As of today I have lost 10 pounds!

See that little ticker at the top of the page, I will update it every week or so with any poundage lost. And every time I reach a goal, I will make a new goal until I reach my ultimate goal. Not sure what that is yet, but it will take a while to get there!

I started the Getting Healthy D-Plan on 6/9/08 and since that time I have not had any sweets (except sugared gum). That means no cookies, candy, chocolate, ice cream, cake, sweet tea, fudge, honey or sugar on my oatmeal, etc. And over the past several weeks those items have been made available to me if I wanted. What I am completely amazed about - I have had no major cravings for them.

For the past two weeks I have been in Grand Prairie for work and was even able to lose a couple pounds while having to eat out for almost every single meal. I chose some of the healthiest items available to me and made sure the snacks I ate were not full of fat and sugar. I took my Vita-Mix with me and my breakfasts consisted of whole fruit smoothies.

Tomorrow I go see a nutritionist - Catherine Kruppa (thanks Vic). I gave her a brief medical history of myself over the phone and she says she can help me. I hope that is the case!

Yesterday, I did the Lunar Rendezvous down at NASA. A couple friends of mine are "newbies" to the running thing and this was their first event. They were acting all nervous and excited and took some before and after photos of themselves! I had to laugh, but I know where they are coming from! They signed up for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon and have been getting in walking/running shape for the past couple months. They have been doing great and will get better as the time goes on.

As for the run - I didn't do horrible, but I aim to do better in the future. I really liked the shirt they gave us - it was dri-fit and not full of sponsorship ads all over it. The run went around the grounds of NASA. It wasn't the most exciting run, but I did see a couple rockets! The event was chip timed, but I wish they had given a chip time along with the gun time on the results page. My Garmin said I did the event in 38:26 but my official time is 39:04.1. Either way it is not a PR. Maybe by the time the Race for the Cure comes around on October 4!


Tom Jones said...

Great job. Keep on plugging away. I drop some pound before Tahoe and it made the climbing MUCH easier.

Dropping weight is hard work. You should be very proud of yourself.

bunnygirl said...

Great job on the weight loss, and especially on focusing on your health instead of your dress size! There's no amount of skinny that's worth not being strong and full of healthy energy.

I'm glad you enjoyed the run and I hope it wasn't brutally hot out there. I don't know the route of that race, but if it covers the same ground as the start and end of the old Space Race ride, you probably had no shade. :-0

Vic said...

I ran past Catherine Saturday morning and she just said, "Thanks for the referral." I didn't know who she was talking about since I refer so many people to her. Now I know. It's Jill!!! You're gonna love Catherine. And she's a super athlete and really knows nutrition/weight loss/exercise. I'm so glad you hooked up with her. Let me know how it goes tomorrow.

Tiggs said...

Hey jillybean- good job on the 10lbs!!!!!


Viv said...

Great job on the loss especially accomplishing it while traveling, so difficult. Congrats on the 5K.