Monday, July 21, 2008

Not very pleased with Methodist right now

Okay - my PT appointment was for 7:00 a.m. this morning. I arrive, sign-in, etc. The lady behind the desk tells me I need a new prescription from my doctor because it has been over a month since it was written. Really? News to me! But she says she will send it off to the doctor's office to get a new one. Can't get one now because they do not open until 8:00.

She then gives me my chart and says to go right in. What? Before the therapist came out and got me. I express my confusion and she takes me in to see Paul. Another what? Last I knew I was supposed to see Christie. The receptionist informs me that she is on maternity leave. Thanks for letting me know about the change in plans.

I am introduced to Paul who says we will have to re-evaluate me because it has been a month since my last visit. No problem, I figured as much. He then informs me that is all he can do because due to licensing issues he is not allowed to perform any therapy on me since I do not have a current prescription. Well, why didn't they tell me that at the desk? And why didn't they tell me when I first gave them the prescription about 5-1/2 weeks ago (it took a week and a half for me to get an appointment because they do not have enough PT's due to vacation and people moving)?

I asked Paul, what was the point? Why am I paying a co-pay for nothing? I will just set up an appointment with the doc again for another cortisone shot and then start the process all over again. Maybe this time at a different PT office. We will see.

So I left (after getting my co-pay back) and proceeded to my car. I make it down to the exit gates but can't exit. At first it looks like the girls are switching shifts. Then they start fiddling with the registers in their little booths. Then one of them heads down to the parking office and a few minutes later returns alone and starts fiddling with the computers again.

I am livid.

I get out and ask why they can't just let us out. Why do we have to sit here and wait for them to get their act together.

She responds with - no, you have to pay.

Fine, let me pay and get on my way.

She then tells me the scanner isn't working that you plug your little parking ticket into that reads the time you entered into the garage.

You know what I think - I really do not care. Let me out of this garage and go home. Do not hold me hostage for a measly two bucks. And if you had any sense you would figure out the total time I was in the garage by hand. It doesn't take much. When you entered the garage is actually stamped on the parking ticket also!

Frickin' imbeciles.

And all of this was before 7:40 this morning. Great start to a Monday!


bunnygirl said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with such lousy customer service. Sometimes you can only wonder...

Courtney said...

Good gracious! Sounds like fun... NOT!!!! Hope tomorrow is much better than last Monday!