Sunday, August 24, 2008


Every once and awhile I think I might like an iPod for running, but then I decide against it.

Well, I am thinking about it again. My phone has an mp3 built into it and a couple years ago I used it during a run. It didn't work out too positively. The headphones made my ears hot and one of the songs I had downloaded was corrupted which caused the music to stop. So I gave up and didn't try again.

But this Saturday I did try again. I downloaded some new songs and this time made sure they all worked. After getting things all situated I headed off to the golf course for my 10 miler.

It seemed like it took me a little bit to find my groove but I eventually got there. Then one of the ear buds kept falling out, and then it started hurting so I just kept it out and ran with one bud. This seemed to work a little better because then I could hear my foot steps, my watch beep and other runners around me.

Towards the end of the run my other ear started hurting so I switched to the other one. It was still a little tender but I was able to finish my run and walk home without too much discomfort.

Overall it was an okay experience but I still haven't decided if I want an iPod. I think a lot would depend on whether or not I could find some comfortable headphones. Besides, my spending spree is over and I am not sure if I want to spend the money!! I will try a couple more times and see what I think.


bunnygirl said...

I've always worried that running with music would make me careless of my surroundings. It works just fine for some folks, though.

Sarah said...

When I run alone, I almost always run with music. I don't tend to have a problem hearing my surroundings because I keep the volume fairly low, but I also don't run along busy streets, etc. I don't ever listen to music while biking though, for obvious safety reasons.

I recommend the iPod Shuffle. It's super tiny, had a built-in clip, and is perfect for running.

Tiggs said...

I would say no to using the ipod. I used to run with one and I got dependent on it and it was hard for me to wean myself off. But now I run with nothing and I like it better.

That said, if you do go with one, get the shuffle and some Sony old school over the head earphones. All of the other earphones hurt my ears, but the Sony Waterproof sports headphones work great.

Courtney said...

Hubby has some over the head phones for running. He likes those for long comfort. The new I-pod ear buds are much more comfortable than the old. I really enjoy my i-pod. Sam's club has them for a good price.