Sunday, August 03, 2008

Way too hot!

I was scheduled to do eight miles on Saturday and I was just not in the mood. I put it off. And then put it off some more. But since I had plans for the evening I finally headed out the door around 4:30 pm. I walked the 1/2 mile to the golf course and started my run. The plan was to run around the course, then over to Rice for a loop, then back finish to the loop at the golf course, and then one more loop around the golf course. Lots of looping going on!

Well, I ended up getting over to Rice, but then I was done for. The heat was just too much for me and I ended up walking home. I still got in five miles, but three of them were walking.

Since I needed to get the long run in, I made attempt number two today. The heat was a little less intense when I headed out but my determination was more so. This time I made it. I petered out at the end but I still made it. Total mileage was nine miles which includes the one mile to and from the golf course.

I have been carrying a water bottle with me on my runs, lately. I have a fuel belt, but for some reason I just do not want to put it on. During my run today I drank five bottles of water and barely stayed hydrated. I tried to make sure I had a sheen of sweat on my arms through out the run and most of the time I did. But there was a time when I felt my arms and they were pretty dry. It could have been that the wind had picked up and the moisture was evaporating faster. But I took it to mean that I needed to drink more water, which I did and by the end of the workout my arms had a nice sheen again.

Someone said to me once that the amount you sweat is indicative of the shape you are in. This was after a long run and the sweat was streaming off my body and dripping off my visor. Where as this person looked as cool as a cucumber (of course they had finished way before me!). I didn't believe that person then and after today I definitely don't!

This was me after my workout - I just had a little less clothes on!


bunnygirl said...

So...was this person trying to say that if you're in good shape you sweat less? It depends on a lot of things. Sometimes sweating MORE is the correct response of a well-conditioned body.

And then there's the humidity factor. When your sweat never evaporates, how can you tell if you're sweating a little or a lot?

I had to do my Saturday run extra-early so I could pick up Cadbury at 10. I started at 5:30 at Memorial Park and was drenched by the time I finished my first loop. By the time I finished my run at 8:30, my socks were squishing, I was sweating so much! But the weird thing is that I was never hot. It was just THAT humid!

At least I was in good company. I saw a lot of long-runners out there who were leaving little drippy trails just like me.

Jill said...

Yeah - that is what they were insinuating. After that comment I began to wonder if that person had a self-esteem problem. Most likely.