Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The results came back and according to them I am not insulin resistant. I guess that is good news, but I really wanted an explanation and I still do not have one. I told my dietitian and she says we are still going to gear my diet towards me having it.

I went and bought a book at Courtney's suggestion: The Insulin Resistance Diet. Basically it says two things. First, you should not eat carbohydrates alone, but paired with protein so your blood sugar does not spike and your body does not store the excess as fat. Second, you should only have a max of 30 g of carbs in a two hour period with at least 14 g of protein. This is because they say the excess carbs are stored as fat. In people having insulin resistance, the glucose is converted to fat faster than normal people. Hence, it is concluded that the carbohydrates have to balanced by the optimum quantity of protein to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

My dietitian has previously told me that I needed to pair my carbs with a protein, she just never gave me a number to watch. I see her again on Thursday and I will find out what she thinks about this book and its theory. I already know it will be a little difficult - but only when it comes to my breakfast. I really like fruit in the morning, but I have to limit the quantity. I will have to start getting creative with my smoothies!!

Okay, enough of that.

This weekend I participated in the Race for the Cure. I was happy with my results: 35:49.88. This race was pretty much my first ever four years ago, and I have at least seen an improvement. I ran it last year, too, but I did it with a TNT participant (her first time) and even though I wanted to get a better time than my first, I figured doing the event with her was more important. And, it was. You only have one first time, but there are plenty of races to get better results.

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Viv said...

Interesting notes on the carb and protien to be eaten together. I really need help with my nutrtion.

YAA on the PR for on the Cure but like you said it is not about PR's there just supporting a great cause.