Thursday, October 09, 2008

Loving the weather!

Are you loving the weather? I sure am! The loops around the golf course have been easier and faster. The air conditioning has been turned off in the car and the windows rolled down. If only it would stay like this all year long! I guess it makes us appreciate it even more when we do not experience it that often.

Viv has decided to have a little competition called the Marathon Season Independence Weight Loss Challenge. For a month all entrants monitor their weight and the one who loses the greatest percentage wins. Just a little harmless competition to get people motivated. Hopefully a little less poundage will make me a tad faster for the San Antonio RNR Half Marathon. If I am good maybe I can reach goal #3 - 30 pounds of total weight loss by Thanksgiving. This past month I did not lose anything. All I can say is at least I didn't gain any!

1 comment:

Viv said...

Thanks for the mention of the challege. Good luck to you a little friendly competeion keeps us all in check :-)